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Large Self-Care Box (One time box, FREE SHIPPING)

The Joy-Box

Are you looking for a great gift for any woman in your life? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself? This self-care box is full of fun items for busy women who need to focus on themselves. This box as a variety of products that will help you relax and have some "me time."

It's a mystery box so pictures show similar products! Every box has a personal development book and lots of self-care items you will love. 

Every box has over $80 worth of items in it! PLUS Free shipping with code SHIPFREE 

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to focus on YOU! 
This box is a great gift to yourself or any other woman in your life!
❤️Mother💚sister ❤️ daughter💚friend❤️neighbor💚hairdresser❤️teacher 💚co-workers ❤️wife, etc. 

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