The Life Balance Coaching Program

This program focuses on where you are today and where you want to be in the future as it relates to your goals, dreams, and life purpose. We will address the current “balance” in your life and strive to achieve balance in all areas of your life to enable you to move forward and achieve what you want out of life. This program is 8 weeks program. The goal is to evaluate where you are today, what areas of your life need to be focused on to allow you to move forward and create the life of your dreams.

This program is perfect if you are looking to discover your personal values, work through your limiting beliefs, set goals, and create a plan to live your best life. 

This program includes:

45-minute Kick off meeting (in person/phone/video)- This is a discussion between the two of us about the program, where your starting point is, uncovering your why, and setting expectations.

7- 45-minute phone or video meetings- Each session will be dedicated to the area of focus for that week to help you grow and discover who you really are. Our last session will focus on accomplishment/goal setting to make sure you are still moving forward.

*There could also be additional email or text communication throughout the 8-Weeks.