The Live Healthy on Purpose 8 Week Program:
This program focuses on your overall wellness, each week is a different focus area for you to build healthy habits. See the tab Live Healthy on Purpose for more information. 

The Life Balance 8 Week Program:
This program focuses on you and your goals in life, each week there is a different focus area from discovering your values, working through your limiting beliefs, setting goals, learn about your personality and creating a plan. See the Life Balance Coaching tab for more information. 

The 16 Week Life Coaching Program:
If you are interested in learning more about how to live healthy on purpose and creating the life of your dreams, this program is for you! This program combines the Live Healthy on Purpose program with the Life Balance Program! This is the ultimate package to focus on YOU!  See below for details.

One Time Coaching Session:
Sometimes you just need to get a different perspective on the way you are thinking about things and need some guidance on next steps or for someone else to ask the questions. This one-time coaching session may be just what you need. See below for details.