Live Healthy on Purpose Program

The Live Healthy on Purpose coaching program focuses on your overall health and well-being, physical, mental, and emotional health. (Mind, Body, and Soul). There are 8 principles that will be addressed throughout the program and then a strong focus on the areas that need more awareness and growth. The complete program is 8 weeks. The goal is to discover your why, learn about different aspects of overall wellness, establish healthy happens, and create a well-balanced, healthy life.

This program includes 8 one-on-one 45 min sessions to discuss each principle and discover what is holding you back and what next steps you need to take to find balance in your life. These are done either in person or on video. This is the best way to really focus on what you need to focus on and work through how to achieve your goals. This package is $999 value offered for $750 for a limited time) 

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