About Us

Welcome to The Joy Box!

I decided to start The Joy Box and LIVE-JOY, LLC because it truly embraces two of my personal values, living healthy on purpose and choosing joy every day! I believe everyone can benefit from focusing on these two areas of their life and I want to share all that I have learned and continue to learn with others so together we can live our best, complete life. 

Throughout my life, I have always focused on my physical health, being an athlete, I always worked out and watched what I ate but as I got older I realized that if I wanted to truly live health on purpose I needed to figure out what is best for my body and also include my mental and emotional health. I am a firm believer that living healthy on purpose means being healthy in all aspects of your life and enjoying the journey along the way, to always self-improve and keep learning and growing.

Focusing on JOY and purposely choosing it every day has become a focus in my life. Around the time, that the pandemic started in 2020 everyone around me seemed negative, stressed, and not enjoying life because everything was different and there were many unknowns. I decided to start with my team at work and try to show them how to bring JOY to their lives even with the uncertainty. I started a weekly email, Joy Wednesday, which I still do today, I share activities I have done, books I have read, recipes I have tried, really anything that brings me joy to show that even if everything around us isn’t going well we can ALWAYS find JOY in the small thing (and big things).  I am proud to say after a lot of personal work I have done to focus on gratitude and joy, people who know me associate joy with me and it makes me smile. 

The goal of The Joy Box is to inspire others to live their best life, trying new things, having audacious dreams, and becoming their best self. Yes, I want to share my experiences with everyone but also want to hear from others -what are you doing to live healthy on purpose? What should I (and others) be trying? What brings you joy? Where should I visit?  What should I read? I am very excited to start this journey, I am passionate about helping others grow into their best self. I feel like it is my purpose, if I can help one person I feel as though I have succeeded. Welcome to The Joy-Box a Live-Joy, LLC Product