Why you need to build your mental toughness and why I love 75Hard!

Why you need to build your mental toughness and why I love 75Hard!

Why I love the 75 Hard Challenge. Why Mental Toughness Is Important  

Most people live in their comfort zone because it is safe, painless, and easy but one thing that does not happen in your comfort zone is growth. Mental toughness is one of those areas that people avoid, run from, or make excuses about, yet it is the one that the benefits are abundant. The definition of mental toughness is -the ability to resist, manage and overcome doubts, worries, concerns, and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding, or excelling at a task or towards an objective or a performance outcome that you set out to achieve. The best thing about mental toughness is that it is a skill that you grow and develop. When things happen in life, we need to know how to handle them, how to push past the pain, how to deal with adversity, you need to do the work ahead of time so you are prepared for what life throws at you.

The best mental toughness challenge I have ever heard of and completed is the 75Hard Challenge. And the best part is it’s free! Yes, that’s right it’s free. Now, when I first heard about this challenge a couple years ago, I said exactly what you are probably going to say, “I can’t do that,” “I don’t have time to do that,” “ I am too old to do that” and every other excuse. It wasn’t until I listened to Andy Frisella’s podcast explaining the program and why people needed to do it, that I was sold, he said every excuse I was telling myself. I have since completed the challenge 4 times in 18 months. 75 Hard is all about discipline, it’s about moving past motivation which is when your excited and wanting to do something, to discipline, you do it because it needs to be done not because you “want” to.

What is 75 Hard?

Every day for 75 Days you must complete all these tasks with no exception, if you do not complete the tasks you start back at day one (or quit).

  1. You must workout twice a day for 45 mins. One of these workouts must be outdoors (not in a garage not under cover but in the elements). They must be separated by 3 hours.
  2. You must take a progress picture
  3. You must read 10 pages of a non-fiction book
  4. You must pick a diet and stick to it
  5. No cheat meals and no Alcohol
  6. You must drink a gallon of water a day (128oz), it has to be plain water, no fruit, flavoring, just water.

You cannot alter the task. For example, you can do 2- 30 min workouts or one 90-minute workout, you can skip the progress picture or only read 8 pages. You must do every task as prescribed. Remember it’s about discipline and mental toughness.

Here are the top three reasons I love this program:

  1. It’s free, so everyone can “afford” to do it. People always use “it’s too expensive” as an excuse to not start a program. Well, that excuse doesn’t exist with 75 Hard. I did buy the app for like $5 which is worth it, it’s a check list every day to make sure I complete all my task, plus it saves all my progress pictures and programs. If you do 75Hard, I highly suggest you get the app.
  2. It is all about personal integrity. You are the only one who knows if you competed all the task, if you won the day. You can lie about completing it, but you have to live with that, with knowing you were not really mentally tough, that you are lying to yourself and others. This program is about holding yourself accountable and see how much you grow.


  1. I love having structure in my day and when I am doing this program, I have to plan my day around the tasks to make sure I complete everything. I thrive in this type of environment. I know other people might not like this but that is why you should complete the program. This is what challenges your discipline, life happens, weather happens, sickness happens, but you still have to complete the tasks.

If you really want to change this year and you want to be as strong mentally as you can be, do 75 Hard. Yes, you will lose weight due to sticking to a diet, no alcohol and two workouts a day, but this is not a weight loss challenge. I have no doubt you will improve your overall health but there is so much more to it.  EVERYONE can do this challenge with the right mindset, any age, any weight, any fitness level, anyone!

If you are interested in 75 Hard listen to this pod cast (fair warning Andy does swear a lot.) https://andyfrisella.com/blogs/realaf-podcast/14-75hard-a-tactical-guide-to-winning-the-war-with-yourself

I also have some book suggestions about mental toughness:

Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins
Comfort Crisis, Michael Easter
12 Hour Walk, Colin O'Brady
Never Finished, David Goggins

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