Why I took a cold shower for 30 days....

Why I took a cold shower for 30 days....

This past Monday I finished Phase 1 of the Live Hard Program. For those of you who have not heard of this let me start from the beginning….

Andy Frisella created a mental toughness challenge called 75 Hard, in this program there is zero deviation for 75 days you must complete 7 tasks every single day or you fail and have to start back at day one.

  • Take a progress picture
  • 2- 45 mins workouts (one of these workouts MUST be outside no matter what the weather)
  • Stick to a diet
  • No Cheats, No alcohol
  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book

After you complete 75 Hard you can start the Live Hard program. I personally completed 75 hard 3 times before starting the Live Hard Program.

Phase 1 is a 30 days where you have to complete all the tasks above with some additional tasks-

  • You must take a 5 min cold shower every day
  • Do 10 minutes of Visualization
  • Complete an additional 3 power list tasks (these are tasks that will move you forward in your personal growth, professionally, etc.)

You can start this phase the day after you finish 75Hard or you can take time off before completing. I decided on May 1st- May 30th

What I learned in these 30 days:

  1. I love having a structured program (hence why I completed 75 hard 3 times in 10 months), I like having a plan for my day.
  2. I 100% was dreading taking a cold shower especially for 5 mins a day. This brought me back to my college soccer days sitting in an ice bath for 8 mins after every game and practice. I literally choose 75 days of 75 Hard to avoid the cold shower. Well, what I learned is I can do hard things that physiologically I told myself I couldn’t. The first few days were tough, I do hate to be cold but for me having a Bluetooth speaker in the shower playing songs to help the time pass really helped. I know taking cold showers have a ton of health benefits, including increase circulation, reduces muscle soreness, increase alertness, helps with aging because it nourishes skin tissue cells. But one thing I wasn’t expecting is how much healthier my hair and skin look. I have noticed a huge difference. I have actually continued taking cold showers (When I heard other people say they continued with the cold showers, I was like NO WAY), now I don’t do 5 mins I do 2-3mins daily, I will continue to do this, the benefits are worth it.
  3. I have always believed in visualization but never really made time for it. Yes, I make a vision board every year and I hang it in my closet so I can see it every day, but I never set aside time every day to visualize what I want in my life. I truly enjoyed this time and will continue with this practice as well.
  4. Now let’s talk about the three tasks, so I decided to make two task the same every day but change the third one. The two tasks I kept consistent every day were 1. Completing my Start today Journal (goals and gratitude) 2. Dry brushing and taking my vitamins, I am absolutely horrible at remembering to do that so if I didn’t, I would fail and have to start over so it was great motivation. Now for the 3rd task everyday- this is the one a changed, I am just starting my Live-Joy, LLC venture with thejoy-box.com and feel as though I have a thousand things to do so every day, I had one task to move me forward in my new business. This was extremely helpful to push me forward.


I am such a huge fan of the 75 Hard program, I believe everyone should do it. I am not going to lie when my friend Whitney sent it to me over a year ago, the first thing I said was “I don’t have time for 2-45 min workouts a day.” I made so many excuses… work is too stressful, the kids are too busy with sports….I even made up version of the program before I even attempt the real 75 Hard …. 2 -30 min workouts, one day of a cheat meal, audio books instead of real books…. Then I listened to the podcast and it fired me up…. I am doing this, and I want all in and did it 3 times.

There are many reasons I love this program, of course the structure, time management challenge, but I also think it’s all about your own integrity, you are the only one who knows if you do it or don’t, I believe it helps strengthen your accountability within yourself. Not to get on my soap box, but that is missing in a lot of people these days, taking accountability for what they want and the actions they take or don’t take. We have moved more towards, “it’s not my fault”, “someone else should help me”, “it’s not fair” and this program is 100% on you to become mentally tough. You are in control of you and your integrity is what keeps you accountable.

 If you are interested in this program, I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast…. WARNING- Andy is real, real LOL he is going to swear and call you out on your excuses (yes on the podcast) but that may be wait you need to push you to become an even better version of you. I have posted links to his podcasts.

There are 3 phases to the Live Hard Program, one of the rules for starting Phase 2 is you have to wait 30 days after completing Phase 1 so I will start Phase 2 on July 11th

Andy  has a book that goes over this program but also a great podcasts that explains 75hard and the Live Hard Program,




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