Why I love 75Hard and think everyone should do it....

Why I love 75Hard and think everyone should do it....

If you have not heard of 75Hard I will explain it briefly to you, it is a FREE mental toughness challenge. There are several tasks you must do every day, without compromise, without changing for 75 days straight. If you do not complete the task, you fail and go back to day one. Here are the daily tasks:

Take a progress picture
Drink a gallon of water (128oz), plain water cannot have anything in it
2-45min workouts, they must be separated by 3 hours and one HAS to be outdoors
Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book, a book that will help you grow, must be a book not audio
Pick a diet and stick to it
No cheats (no sugar) and no alcohol

Yes, those are the tasks but the biggest rule in my opinion is YOU CAN NOT DEVIATE FROM THESE AND MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. The creator of this program Andy Frisella says it best, the way you become successful in life is by doing hard things, not making things easy, challenge is what changes you. You don’t become mentally tough by taking the easy way out.

Most of the time when I tell people I am doing it, the very first response is “I couldn’t do that” or “I don’t have time to do that.” And then you get the defensive responses of “why would you even want to do that?” Well in all honesty, when I first heard of it a few years ago, I too said, “I don’t have time for that” and made every excuse, my job is too stressful, I have vacations coming up, my kids are too busy with their sports…blah, blah, blah. Yet here we are two and a half years later and last week I completed my 5th round of 75Hard and plan on doing it again soon.

Having a mental and physical challenge keeps me grounded and focused. This round was probably the hardest by far, because 6 of the 10 weekends I was away, two of the weekends were plane trips, Arizona and Rhode Island, and the other 4 weekends away I was at soccer tournaments. This is challenging because fitting in two workouts around other activities and not knowing what the area around the hotels were like for my outdoor workouts. Also making sure I got my water in and having nutritious meals at hand. But I did it. Yes, some days it meant getting up at 4am to get a workout in, being outdoors in rainstorms, staying up late to make sure I get my reading in, gulping down water before heading to bed but to me it was worth it. Starting something and finishing something is important, having goals is important, challenging yourself is important. This is how you grow!

Ask yourself, do you live in your comfort zone? When was the last time you really challenged yourself, not just physically but mentally? Or do you hide behind the same excuses I was hiding behind?

75Hard is a mental health challenge but it’s also a challenge of integrity, you are the only person who knows if you drank all your water, if you read your book, if you got your workouts in, if you ate according to your diet, if you didn’t drink alcohol. That alone can be hard for some people, having to hold yourself accountable is a skill that I believe everyone should work towards and this program helps build that.

The best part about this program in my opinion, well actually there is two best parts, one is EVERYONE can do it, it doesn’t matter if you are 85, 100lbs overweight, in amazing shape, in a wheelchair, heck even pregnant women do it. You decide what your workouts are, you decide what diet you are going to follow. That’s the easy part…. Doing it is the hard part! Two, it’s absolutely FREE, yup this amazing

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