Transforming Resolutions into Achievable Goals: A Quarterly Approach to Personal Growth

Transforming Resolutions into Achievable Goals: A Quarterly Approach to Personal Growth

This week marks the new year—an occasion I cherish. Amidst the joy of Christmas and my birthday week, it's a time for new beginnings and goal setting.

I know a lot of people do not like to set “resolutions” for the year, I get that but let’s call them goals. I am a huge believer that EVERYONE needs goals, something to work for, a purpose, and a challenge. Yes, I said challenge, I think some people believe that goals are set be easy to achieve but that is not true, goals should push you to have to make different choices, to change and to grow. And you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, so write them down! But lets change up how we approach it this year!

Let's shift our goal-setting strategy. Instead of overwhelming yearly goals, consider breaking them into quarterly milestones. This approach promotes focused attention and gradual progression, allowing each quarter's achievements to build upon the next for a more manageable and successful goal pursuit.

Here is an example of how we normally set out “new year resolutions” – I am going to get up an hour early, workout, not eat sugar or junk food, meditate…EVERYDAY!

Then we do that for about 7 to 10 days because it’s too much to take on and then we go back to what we are used to because it’s easy and who needs new years goals anyway.

This year let’s split it into quarters and build on the habits throughout the year. Think of it like in business we always track quarterly goals and progress why not do that with our personal goals too!

From January 1- March 31: Wake up one hour early ONLY. It doesn’t matter what you do for that hour you may even start working out, meditating, but you don’t HAVE TO. You might just read a book, sit in silents, journal, anything you want to do.

April 1- June 30:  You continue waking up an hour early AND you start working out for 30 to 45mins every day.

July 1- September 30: You are still getting up an hour early, working out, and now you cut out simple sugar from your diet.

October 1- December 31: You are loving waking up early, working out, and feeling so much better not eating simple sugar, now you add in meditating every day for at least 10 mins.

Then next year on this day you can say you achieved all your goals, and you will feel so good not just because you accomplished your goals but because you now have 4 healthy habits.

Give this method a try and don’t overload yourself with too many goals. I think the biggest mistake we make is keeping our eye on the goal. Focusing on the process rather than the goal is a mindset that emphasizes the journey and the actions taken, recognizing that success is a result of consistent, intentional efforts.

Click here to get the worksheets, it will help you to figure out what goals you want to accomplish in 2024. I tend to have different categories of goals- Health, Family, Career, Financial. Think of all the different things you want to change in 2024, it doesn’t have to be just one focus area.

After you have completed the worksheets on your categories and goals. Every week (I like to do this on Sundays) check in with yourself and see what you accomplished the previous week and plan out the upcoming week. For example, if your goal is to workout every day, look back at your week, did you accomplish your goal? Look at your upcoming week and schedule your workouts to make sure you get them in.

This is a very important part of accomplishing your goals, holding yourself accountable is hard for a lot of people and people like to use excuses of “I don’t have time to do this.” or “I know what I need to do I don’t need to write it down.” Or “oh this sounds too restricting I don’t like structure I don’t need to do this.” I will tell you right now, you do and if you don’t, you will get to December 2024 and you will be writing the same goals down for 2025 because you didn’t hold yourself accountable and put time into the action plan. Remember “excuses make today easy and tomorrow harder. Discipline makes today hard, but tomorrow easier.”

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