The Last 90 Days of 2023

The Last 90 Days of 2023

Well just like that 2023 is almost over. That’s right there are 92 days left in the year. It’s time to start really focusing on how you want to end 2023. Let’s not wait till the new year to start new goals, let’s look at what we wanted to accomplish this year, evaluate where we are, and make a plan to achieve or come close to achieving them in the next 92 days!

Step 1 Look at your 2023 goals and evaluate: What were your goals for 2023? Did you want to save $5,000? Did you want to lose 15lbs? Did you want to start a business? Did you want to go on your dream vacation? Did you want to start taking yoga? Did you want to pay off your car? What did you want to accomplish in 2023?  List out what your goals were and where you are today. Did you gain 5 more pounds? Or did you lose weight? Did you save $2,000 or all $5,000? Did you write a business plan but never start the business? Did you go on your dream vacation? Did you start taking yoga 3 days a week? Be honest with yourself on where you are with your goal.

Step 2- Why or what kept you from achieving your goal? This is where the work happens. List all the excuses as to why you did not accomplish your goal or why you are off track. If you have saved $3,750 so far you are on track to reach your goal of $5,000. If you have lost 11 of the 15lbs you are on track to reach your goal. But if you are not on track to reach your goal, ask yourself… Why, what is holding me back from accomplishing what I said I wanted to accomplish. This is where the excuses come flowing in, “I don’t have time”, “life got busy”, “it’s selfish to focus on me”, “this year was hard.” I have heard them all. But it’s time to get honest with yourself, they are excuses. We all have the same amount of time, life is busy for everyone, there are always ups and downs, none of that stuff is ever going to change.

Step 3- Out of all the goals you wanted to accomplish, pick the one you want to focus on for the next 92 days. Yes, just one. Which one would make the biggest impact? Which one would bring you the most joy? Which one means the most to you?

Step 4- Make a plan! That’s right you need a plan, you have one big goal, now make small tasks that you can do every day to get you closer to that goal. Weight loss is always a good example to use. Let’s say you want to lose 15lbs by the end of the year. That means you need to lose 5lbs a month or 1.25lbs a week. That is doable. But what is your plan to do that? Are you going to workout every day? Are you going to cut out sugar? Are you going to eat more protein, fruits, and veggies? Write down and plan how you are going to get to your goal.

Step 5- KEEP THE PROMISE YOU MADE TO YOURSELF! Yes, you read that right. Promise yourself you will focus on this one goal and don’t break the promise.

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