The Last 60 Days!

The Last 60 Days!

Believe it not, there are only 60 days left in 2022! It amazes me now fast the years go by. The quote “The days are long, but the years are short” is so true.

I know a lot of people wait for New Year’s to start thinking about what they want in the next year, you know those “New Year’s Resolutions”, but I am going to challenge you to take the next 60 days to look back at 2022 and think about how the year went and what changes you want to make before New Year’s.

The first step is spending some time thinking about the last 10 months. What did you do over the last 10 months -fun things, things that brought you joy, things that didn’t go so well, the difficult things that happened.

The next step can be a little more difficult but those things that did not go right, the difficult, sad, hard things that happened, what did you learn from them? There are always lessons in the hard times. I personally had a lot of losses this year, an aunt and uncle and a long-time family friend. Thinking about those loses make me realize first, how grateful I am to have had such amazing people in my life for 40 years and how bad things happen to good people, and we cannot control that. But man, I also learned that they lived their life to the fullest, they were all such kind, good people. I want to that to be what people say about me. I am always reminded with loss, that life is so uncertain, and we need to live every day, live in joy not in fear, love not hate. So again, I challenge you to find the lesson in the hard.

But you know what, there lots of lessons in the good things that happen to us too, so spend some time writing and thinking about what lessons you learned from the good things that happened in 2022.

Now let’s focus on the goals you set in 2022….. Did you achieve them? Are you moving towards them? Did you give up on them? Or did you decide they weren’t the right goals for you?

The best way I have found to do this is list out the goal then think about where you are as it relates to completing it. Some of my goals were year long so I have not achieved them yet because I have two more months. But I can evaluate where I am with in the goal and see if I am on track. Some I have completed and some where not the right goals.

I want you to remember not all goals will be achieved, sometimes we think we want something, and we find out that really wasn’t what we wanted and that is okay too but writing it down will help you figure out what the next goal should be. Other times we have very ambitious goals, and we can’t attain them, that is okay, I always say don’t change the goal change the plan. Yeah, it might take longer than you expected but that doesn’t mean you give up on it.

After you have taken a good look back at 2022 and the goals that you set, I want you to remember there are still 60 days left of this year. What do you want your focus to be on? When you read over what you wrote down, what is most important to you? That is what you need to spend the next 60 days doing.

For example, if one of your goals were “this year I am going to eat better and workout regularly” and you have not stuck to that, but you want to have more energy, sleep better, and feel better … please don’t wait till New Year’s and don’t make the excuse “well this is a busy time of year with too many temptations” because guess what that’s every time of year, it’s called life. So, I challenge you to reset your goals for the next 60 days and work towards them. Stop putting your life on hold waiting for a “good time” to start focusing on yourself and your goals.  Because this time may never come.

I would love for you to share what you are going to focus on for the next 60 days! Let’s make the Last 60 the best 60!



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