New Moon? Time to Set Your Intentions

New Moon? Time to Set Your Intentions

New Moons occur just about every 30 days. The focus for a new moon is to set goals and intentions for that moon cycle (about 30 days). I love setting new intensions every month and would encourage everyone to take time during the new moon to do the same. Below are some ideas of what to do during a new moon and then some ritual ideas as well. .

Here are some things you can do during a new moon

Set specific intensions:

During a New Moon there is an extra boost in intension-setting energy. It’s the best time to really focus on one or two specific intentions. When you do this, you want to write them down, you want them to be clear, concise, and don’t forget specific.

Choose an Affirmation:

Affirmations are a great way to get clear on what you want and the kind of energy you want to bring. While, Intentions set the tone for what you want, affirmations help clarify who you want to be and what you want to embody.

Begin something new:

If there was such thing as a perfect time for initiating anything new, it would certainly be the new moon! Ask someone out on a date, start a new hobby, apply for a new job.  If you have been putting off starting something now is the time to do it. 


Spend some time journaling about what you want, just let the words flow on the paper with not a lot of thought. This is a great way to let your intentions come to light naturally.

Some new moon rituals to accompany your intention setting, the best part about creating a ritual is that it can be anything YOU want it to be:

  1. Taking a bath while you think about your intentions is a great way to welcome the new moon, this will help you relax and focus on what you want for the next month. It also provides you with a great visual of “washing the negative off and cleansing yourself for new intensions” by watching the water drain from the bathtub as you wrap up your bath. You can light candles, use essential oils or flower peddles in the bath as well.
  2. Create a peaceful, quiet, clutter free, place in your home, light candles. Lighting a candle on the darkest night of the month (the new moon) signifies wanting to bring more light into our lives. Ask the universe to shine light on you during this new moon.
  3. Meditation and yoga are both great practices during a new moon. Meditation and Yoga, they are both a great way to tap into the new moon’s tranquil energy.
  4. Smudging to cleanse your house, you have probably heard of using sage to cleanse your house (or at least seen it on TV at some point). Smudging is a spiritual ritual in which a bundle of sacred herbs is burned and the smoke from the bundle throughout a room some suggest opening a door or window to allow the negative to exit your house. You would want to do this before starting your intension setting, this will clear the space for you.

This new moon is on May 30th, it’s the Gemini new moon, it’s spiritual meaning corresponds with our ability to think through our feelings and creating connections with others. During this new moon it’s a great time to have deep conversations about emotions with friends or family or journal your emotions freely. Focus on getting aligned spiritually with your emotions.

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