How to travel and stay focused on your wellness journey

How to travel and stay focused on your wellness journey

I can’t believe it’s summer already, it feels like I was just planning Christmas events, yet here we are! I have several trips planned this summer but I also have big wellness goals this year that I want to make sure I stay on track with.

For years I would plan vacations, put a count down on my phone, create a diet and workout plan so that I can “lose weight” for vacation and let’s be honest never met my goal. Then when on vacation I would eat and drink all the stuff I don’t usually eat or drink because “hey I am on vacation.” Then I would gain 5-10lbs while on vacation, feel puffy, lazy, and even depressed when I got home and the whole cycle would start all over again. Be honest with yourself do you say “I need to lose weight or get in shape for vacation?” and then say “It’s vacation I can eat what I want!” The reality is, your body doesn’t know the difference if you are on vacation or not, it wants healthy food, it wants physical activity, it wants to feel good all the time. Why wait for a vacation to “get healthy.”

I am happy to say I no longer do this, I have figured out how to continue my healthy habits while on vacation and it has been life changing for me because I don’t feel bad when vacation is over and like I am starting all over every time I come home from vacation. Here are a few things I make sure I do while on vacation:

  1. Food while traveling- It doesn’t matter if you are driving or flying having healthy snacks with you is very important. Airports rarely have good options and let’s be honest, if you are driving, you are most likely stopping at gas stations or fast food, and it’s easy to pick unhealthy options. I always over pack snacks because if you are delayed or stuck in traffic you want to have food with you. Just an FYI, you can bring icepacks with you on planes as long as they are frozen. I always have carrots, tomatoes, hummus or guacamole with me. Bananas, apples and oranges are always great options. For protein, I pack deli meat, beef jerky, grilled chicken, Aloha Bars or hard boiled eggs. I also always have nuts with me as well. Pack extra of everything so you have it when you are at your destination and you can eat healthy snacks throughout your vacation.
  2. Always drink your water- Don’t forget to stay hydrated while on vacation, I drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day and that does not stop if I am on vacation. For one, if you are drinking alcohol you need to stay hydrated. Also a lot of times when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty so this will keep you from eating just to eat.
  3. Look at the restaurant menu before you go- I know most meals when you are on vacation are “eating out.” Once you pick where you are going, go on their website and look for something healthy that you are going to order. That way when you get to the restaurant you already know what you are going to order so you aren’t tempted to order an unhealthy option. I do this every time I go out to eat, vacation or not on vacation.
  4. Move your body everyday- Just because you are on vacation it doesn’t mean you should stop working out. Dedicate 30 mins a day to physical activity that could be walking the beach, using a hotel gym, doing yoga, I like to bring resistance bands and do them in the hotel room.
  5. Go to bed at a reasonable hour- I know, I know, I am no fun but sticking to your sleep schedule even while you are on vacation is a game changer, your body will thank you. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to help your body recover so getting 7-9 hours of sleep while on vacation will give your body what it needs to feel energized.


I hope these are helpful tips, when you create healthy habits, don’t use vacation as an excuse not to continue them, your health is a journey and consistency is what is important vacation or no vacation. If you have any tips please reply to this email and let me know what they are!

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