How to focus on YOU this holiday season!

How to focus on YOU this holiday season!

I know this is a busy time of year for everyone, but now is probably the most important time to focus on your overall wellness to help reduce anxiety, stress, illness, exhaustion. We tend to push what we need to perform at our best to the side in order to fit everything in. Here are some tips you can implement over the next month to help you stay on track focus on your own wellbeing.

  1. Don’t skip out on sleep! This is extremely important because when you sleep your body is recovering from the day and when you don’t have enough rest your body is more prone to illness and as we all know the flu, strep, Covid, and the common cold are all around right now. Set a sleep schedule for yourself and stick to it. For example, go to bed at 10 every night and sleep 7-8 hours. This might mean you have to plan get togethers an hour earlier then you might have before but it’s worth it to get the rest you need. Try using meditation music or guided meditations as you lay in bed to relax your mind as you fall asleep.
  2. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. I know this is easy to say for someone who doesn’t drink often but you can celebrate and have fun without alcohol. Alcohol effects your mental clarity, focus, rest, appetite, and energy. And unfortunately, it doesn’t just affect you while you’re drinking but for days after as well. I am not saying don’t drink at all but limiting the amount and think about your long-term goals.
  3. Eat before you go! This is something I have done for years. When I have plans with friends and family and it revolves around food, I eat before I go so that I eat according to goals and not according to the celebration. This time of year, there are so many temptations that if participate in all of them you would be eating sugar every meal LOL. What you eat fuels your body, so if you are eating a diet filled with processed foods and sugar during an already stressful, busy time, your body is not going to have the energy it needs to get through the activities. It is all about balance, if you have a favorite dessert during Christmas, time by all means, eat it but maybe say no to some other treat that you are just eating to eat. Also, another tip to not snack on unhealthy food is to keep healthy options with you and in your car. Some ideas are nuts, apple chips, beef or turkey jerky, RX Bar, an apple or banana.    
  4. Drink your water. Staying hydrated is very important. Most people don’t drink enough water as it is but when you add stress, processed foods, alcohol, and anxiety into the mix this can really slow you down. Water allows your body to flush out toxins in your environment and in the food that you eat. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in your body, it aids in digestion, prevents headaches, promotes healthy brain function, hydrates your skin and helps it glow, among other things. The tip here is to try to drink a gallon of water a day 128oz, bring a water bottle with you wherever you go, when you at a restaurant order water not soda.
  5. Move your body every day! I know you are going to say, I don’t have time to workout this month. BUT you do, it’s about priorities just 30 mins a day is all you need, working out is a great way to relieve stress, but it also when you workout your body releases endorphins. This is important because endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. Working out and also reduce depression. Every morning the first thing you should do when you wake up this month should be to work out for 30mins, do it before your day gets busy, before you are worn out.
  6. You don’t have to say yes to everything. This one can be hard, but it is necessary. We can’t do all things all the time. If you want to get together with friends or family but your calendar is already extremely busy, plan something in January it’s okay to delay it, the whole point is to spend time together and if you are exhausted, stressed and not present what is the point. I am a planner by nature so I plan out the whole month and don’t have a lot of room for extras “add ons” so I find it easier to say no when I can see what I already have planned. Remember there is no rule that you must participate in everything and see everybody. Do what you want to do not what you think others want you to do.
  7. Make time to meditate. When you know you have a busy day, week, month spending 5-10 mins a day meditation can help reduce stress, depression, increase focus and improves your mood. It also improves your immune system. Use the app InsightTimer, it is amazing there are thousands of meditations, and you can pick the length of time, female or male voice, and what you want to focus on.

I hope I have given you some tips that you can implement this holiday season, remember your health and wellbeing should always be a priority not just when you have time. I hope everyone has a JOY filled holiday season.

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