Yes, you heard me right, go on the solo trip.

This summer we had two family vacations, one was going back to my home of Massachusetts and then continuing to New Hampshire and Maine. And then just a short 7 days later, a trip to visit my mom in North Carolina.

One thing that was very obvious from these trips…. Moms do not get a vacation.

It all starts way before you even get to the vacation… with planning the vacation, getting flights, hotels, rental cars etc. Then what are you going to do while on vacation, where are you going to eat. And we all know the packing is always fun, making sure everyone has the right number of outfits, toiletries, bathing suits, sunscreen, toys, games, oh and don’t forget the snacks, make sure you have snacks for all parties because you will be asked at least ten times, “what do we have for snacks.” or told “I am hungry.”

While on vacation there isn’t much relaxing, it’s more like entertaining or trying to figure out “what’s next” or “when and where are we going to eat”, “does everyone have sunscreen on”, “did ‘we’ pack everything we needed” etc. when in all honesty give me some water, a protein bar, a book and I would be good.

I decided it’s time for a “me vacation” that’s right a solo vacation. A vacation that I do not have to pack for anyone, worry about where and when we are going to eat, not fill the day with things everyone else wants to do, just time to myself, on my own schedule, just for me.

Then I thought, I bet there are some benefits to going on vacation by yourself and of course there are!

  • Promoting personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of independence and resilience.
  • Providing a break from routine, allowing for adventure, introspection, and reflection, leading to a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.
  • Learning new things by yourself, meeting new people, exploring new culture and experiencing new activities.
  • Solo trips teach you what you are truly capable of.
  • Growing your relationship with yourself, acknowledging your thoughts and opinions, practicing gratitude, and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Forcing you to become independent, make decisions, and learn how to function in the world.
  • It is mentally satisfying. Sometimes every individual needs their own space to dedicate the entire time for themselves only. This is in the case of those working adults bound by a regular daily life schedule, whether it is their work or even housework and managing the family. Staying in the same environment and bound by the same routine for a long time causes stress. A solo trip can be relaxing and is ideal for a change of mind.


So as I write this newsletter I am sitting on a beach by myself, enjoying some “me” time. I decided a long weekend is the perfect amount of time to get away. My favorite place is the beach, so I was fortunate enough to find an inexpensive flight to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

My family is heading into what I refer to as our “busy season” with 4 soccer teams (assistant coaching 2 of them) and practices or games 7 days a week along with my kids going back to school last Thursday, this was the most opportune time for me to get away.

Not to brag but it has been amazing (LOL). I am doing 75Hard, so I get up early and my first workout in the hotel, then I make my coffee and head to the beach, do my second workout, which is walking the beach, followed by read my books, mediate and just enjoy myself.

I know it first it sounds crazy to go on a solo vacation, but I promise you it is just what you need. And I will definitely be making it an annual self-care goal! Remember all the benefits about, it’s worth looking into.

Some things I have realized:

  1. I didn’t have to answer any questions, no one is asking me for anything, and I don’t have to plan what time we are doing things or what are we going to eat. It was odd but also wonderful.
  2. I love my family and love spending time with them, and time alone is good for me.
  3. I can truly be present and in the moment when I am not trying to make sure other people have what they need.
  4. When I told people I was going on a solo vacation the first thing most people said was “what about the kids, who is watching them” it made me think, I have never asked or heard anyone ask a dad who goes on a golf trip or a guy’s trip…. “Who’s watching the kids?” It’s time to normalize mom’s getting time away too.

Book the solo trip, it doesn’t have to be a beach gateway, go camping, go to a local hotel, just get away from your normal busy life and enjoy some alone time.

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