Fun Summer Family Activities!

Fun Summer Family Activities!

I don’t know about you but ever since March of 2020 when Covid hit I feel like my children are on their electronics way more than they used to be. Since both my husband and I work outside the home (well he works from home LOL), the boys fill their time with their ipads or tv. We made rule this summer they are not allowed on their electronics from 10am- 4pm every day (including weekends). What we have found is they get creative and so involved in what they are doing that they don’t even want to be on their iPads.

This week I thought I would share a few family activities (or things kids can do on their own) that are not expensive but create great memories.

Going hiking as a family. I love to go hiking even if it’s just for an hour or two. We fill out our water bottles, pack some snacks and find a 2-4 mile trail. We talk about the trees, birds, insects, etc. that we see along the way.

Obstacle courses make with chalk- This is a fun one. On your driveway or side walk create an obstacle course. We have done this for many years, the boys love to time themselves and see if they can beat their own time. Here are a few examples: Draw 5 lines about a foot away from each other to “jump” over, a squiggly line they have to walk, a big circle that says 15 jumping jacks, hopscotch on one foot, draw squares that zig zag that you have to jump in. The ideas are endless!

Walking scavenger hunt-  create a list of things to find while you walk around your neighborhood, they can either collect them or take a picture of them with your phone. Some ideas are a butterfly, a cardinal, a yellow flower, a dog, a bee, a rock the size of your hand, a summer wreath on someone’s door, etc. This is always fun to do. Or you can go for a walk and estimate how many people or animals you will see on our walk, we love a little family competition.

Outdoor games- Over the years we have collected multiple outdoor games (the store Five Below is a great place to buy them). We like yard darts, parents vs. kids dodge ball, washer toss (like cornhole but with little plastic washers), bocce ball.

Water fun- If you don’t mind getting wet, water gun and water balloon fights are always fun. We set up water balloon stations so buckets of them throughout the yard and the rule is you can only throw two from the same bucket at the same time, this makes the fun last longer and gets everyone running around! Just a tip after you do this and everyone is already wet it’s a great time to wash your cars and spray each other LOL.

Campfires- My kids love to make a fire and roast marshmallows and make s’mores, on cool nights they even like to eat outside which is always a fun because it’s just different from eating at the kitchen table.

Some activities we do indoors are, build forts with blankets and chairs, play games, some of our favorites are phase 10, Old Maid, charades, and Racko. We also enjoy a good movie at night all snuggled together! One way I can get my kids to try new foods is to find recipes and make them together. They tend to want to try what they make so it’s a perfect family activity!

Remember the best part of memories, is making them! 

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