Do you Practice Self Care?

Do you Practice Self Care?

I thought since it's the week after Mother’s Day, I would write about self-care and why it is important. I know life gets busy and we start to do all the things, and all the things tend to be for other people not ourselves.

Self-care means different things to different people, and it looks different for everyone. The definition of self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. When you think of health, I believe it means physical and mental health.  

There are many benefits to self-care:

1. It makes you more productive.

2. Helps manage stress and anxiety 

3. Improves focus

4. Improves sleep

5. Increases self confidence

6. Improves physical and emotional health

7. Boosts immune system 

8. Gives you energy

Do you make time for self-care? I spent many years believing selfcare was a selfish thing to do, being a mother, wife, and corporate woman, we are supposed to give our all to everyone, but all that did was make me unhappy and quite honestly resentful. I now take time every day for self-care, and I am a much more joyful person.  

Here are some of the things I have incorporated into my life to help me focus on own self-care. Some things I do daily, other things maybe weekly, monthly, or yearly and some other things I don’t personally do but you may like to do. 

1. Daily reading, every day I read 10 pages of a nonfiction book to help me grow personally or professionally

2. Meditation, this is a daily practice where I practice being present, and set my day up for success

3. Gratitude Practice 

4. Hot Baths- I love bath bombs, natural soaps, and Epsom salt

5. Massages- once a month I get a massage, I just do my back because that is where I hold stress, but it relaxes my muscles and gives me some “me time” 

6. Hiking/Go to a Park- I love being in nature any chance I get to go for a hike I will. 

7. Going for a walk

8. Exercising is my go-to for me time. I know some people like to work out with other people, I prefer to do it alone and enjoy my time. 

9. Journaling while listening to calming music

10. Organizing- I know this sounds crazy but this truly makes me happy to organize areas of my house. 

11. Go shopping

12. Getting a facial or doing at home facemasks

13. Floating 

14. Have alone time- this is hard for a lot of people, especially when we are so busy, but alone time is very important. 

15. Have a friend's brunch, lunch, or dinner.

16. Join a book club

17. Go to the beach or other vacation that YOU want to go on. 

18. Dance like no one is watching!

19. If you enjoy cooking, make a special meal or meal prep. 

20. Okay this is a big one… Say NO when you don’t want to do something don’t feel like you have to say yes to everything. 

Everyone deserves self-care time, and it needs to become a priority to enjoy life and give your best to others. Don’t wait start today, create a new self-care habit. 

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