Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine?

Yes, I know not everyone is a morning person but that does not mean you don’t need a morning routine. Morning routines are different for every person and that is okay. But having a morning routine can set your day up for success, especially for people with kids. As you know their schedule tends to make our schedule and that is why it is important to own your morning. I read this great book years ago called the 5am Club by Robin Sharma and the quote that stuck with me is “Own your morning, elevate your life.”

Having a plan for your morning helps your day start off calmy and truly changes how your day plays out.

Again, I know my morning routine will be different from yours, but I wanted to share what I do every morning so that you can see what you may or may not want to incorporate in your morning routine. The goal is to give you some ideas to create your own personal morning routine.

I love my mornings because it is truly my time. I get up before everyone else so that I have time to myself and start my day my way. My morning changes depending on if it’s summer or school, and if it’s days I have my boys and days they were with their dad since I either do or don’t have to get them up and on the bus! It also varies if I am working from home or in the office. But I do the same tasks every morning just maybe in between the two buses or not.

I wake up between 4:50-5:15 – I am still a horrible “snoozer” I am working on that. The first thing I do is my strength training workout anywhere from 30-45 mins.

I think make some coffee and I read 10 pages of my nonfiction book and do my meditation. The length of my meditation can vary depending on the day, the focus area, and even my stress level. On more days I have a tough meeting, or I know are going to be super busy, I meditate a little longer.

I think do my gratitude practice. I write 5 things I am grateful for that happened in the last 24 hours and I write out my 10 goals/dreams I am focusing on.

If I am working in the office, I will then wake up my middle schooler make him breakfast, get him on the bus, I take my shower and get ready for work, and then wake up my elementary kid and get him ready and off to the bus. To be honest I was dreading the one year of two buses and two different wakeup times, but it has been really nice to have one on one time with each of them every morning, we get 30 minutes together to just talk about anything. I truly treasure that time.

Once the boys are both off to school I either drive to the office or jump in the shower and get ready for my workday.

On days that this routine doesn’t happen, my whole day tents to be chaotic, I am rushing all day, can’t focus and usually tired. Having this time in the morning that is just for me, to help me focus on starting my day out calm and with intention. I think everyone should have a morning routine.

I know not everyone wants to do what I want to do in the morning, and you shouldn’t, remember it is your routine no one else’s. Here are some other things you could incorporate into your morning routine; taking a walk, yoga, watching the sun rise, journaling, maybe it’s sitting in silence enjoying your first cup of coffee or tea.  You could even catch up on that TV show you like watching alone. The ideas are endless. Take some time and think about what your perfect morning looks like and try making it your new routine! Still not sold on the idea? Take a look at some of the benefits!

Benefits of a morning routine:

Increases your productivity- You will start the day right. Creating a routine that you spend every moment of your time on something valuable and productive from the time you wake up.

Reduces Stress -Having a routine, creates a habit which makes your morning task something you don’t have to think about. Also, when you give yourself enough time in the morning before the “morning rush” you don’t feel stressed.

Feel in control of your day – Creating a routine can control how your day goes, instead of starting the day rushing around.

Increases self-care- creating time to focus on yourself is a lot easier when no one else is awake, it allows you to focus on you!

Start Your Day Off with Intention- Having a morning routine means you go into your day with intentions, you start your day with mindfulness which then carries out throughout the day. 

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