Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Most people spend their morning pressing snooze, jumping in the shower as fast as possible, rushing around, trying to plan everything they need for the day, make breakfast for yourself and kids, clean up breakfast, packing lunches, making coffee, maybe even trying to do dishes from the night before. By the time the kids are out the door and you are ready for work you are exhausted, stressed and maybe even in a bad mood.  I spend years like this, it usually ended with me yelling at my kids to “get your jacket, hurry up, you are going to make me late…” Does that sound like you? I can’t be the only one.

Then I read this book called The 5am Club, by Robin Sharma and there is a quote he says “own your morning, elevate your life.” That quote has changed my mornings and I created a routine that helps start my day without stress, without rushing, and with “me time.”

The best advice I can give anyone is get up before anyone else in your house and if you live alone get up an hour before you do now so you have time to start your day right.

Now everyone is at different points in their journey of life so not everyone’s morning routine is going to look the same. And yes, I have heard it 1000+ times “I am not a morning person” that does not matter, you will become “a morning person” but you have to create the habit. Which I don’t think will take long once you feel the JOY of a morning routine! Remember everyone is different and has different schedules so for me getting up at 5:00am is what works for my life. My kids are morning people too, they get up early and during school the bus comes at 7:30am so 5am is what works for me.

Benefits of a morning routine:

  1. Increases your productivity- You will start the day right. Creating a routine that you spend every moment of your time on something valuable and productive from the time you wake up.
  2. Reduces Stress -Having a routine, creates a habit which makes your morning task something you don’t have to think about. Also, when you give yourself enough time in the morning before the “morning rush” you don’t feel stressed.
  3. Feel in control of your day – Creating a routine can control how your day goes, instead of starting the day rushing around.
  4. Increases self-care- creating time to focus on yourself is a lot easier when no one else is awake, it allows you to focus on you!
  5. Start Your Day Off With Intention- Having a morning routine means you go into your day with intentions, you start your day with mindfulness which then carries out throughout the day.

Here are some examples of things you can do as part of your morning routine:

  1. Workout- I highly recommend you take at least 30 mins of your morning to move your body
  2. Journal
  3. Meditate
  4. Gratitude Practice
  5. Read
  6. Work on your side hustle/dreams/goals
  7. Dance around the house
  8. Take a cold shower
  9. Take a bath
  10. Plan your day
  11. Listen to a podcast
  12. Eat breakfast


Start with getting up 30 mins earlier and picking one thing you will do for yourself during that time. Slowly move to 60 mins, let’s be honest we all deserve 60 mins a day for ourselves!

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Thanks Annie! Great reminder of why I need to get up earlier. I feel like it is the answer to all my problems right now and will afford me more time to accomplish what I need to in my day and still have time for me.

Cory James

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