I wanted to share with you our February Joy Box to give you more information about why I started the Joy Box and what in every box.  

I am a huge believer that in life you should continuously grow and evolve as a person. You should always want to know more and become your best self over and over again. One of the best ways to do that is to read and that is why I centered the Joy Box around personal development books. When you read personal growth books, they always have actions for you to take to improve, so in the Joy Box there is a book but also an activity to go with the book. Along with believing everyone should continue to grow, I also believe everyone should strive to spread kindness, that is why there is act of kindness in every box for all subscribers to perform. I also know as a busy mom, I never really focused on self-care, but it is very important, in every box there are different self-care gifts just for you.

I get asked a lot “why is the Joy Box bi-monthly?” The reason I decided to not have a monthly subscription box is because sometimes life gets busy and it’s hard to read a book in one month, two months gives you time to read the book and do the activities, without stressing about the next box coming too soon.

Every box has a theme and the February box was all about overall wellness. This box was a little different than our previous boxes because the activity that went with the book were also the self-care items!

The book was The New Rules for Aging Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, this book is easy to read and is for any age group, it gives easy advice on what you should be doing now to help your body slow down the aging process and live a healthier life. Throughout the book there are suggestions on what to do, this is how I selected the self-care/activity for this box. This box has green tea, exercise cards, lavender products to help you sleep, healthy omega-3 trail mix, and couple other fun items. The act of kindness in this box was a small trash bag and a glove for you to go on a walk and pick up trash as you walk, a great way to clean your neighborhood or park and also get in some exercise.

If you are not a Joy Box subscriber and didn’t receive this box, I would highly suggest you get a copy of this book and read it, there is so much great advice to help you on your wellness journey.

Our subscription just opened for our April Box, right now you can subscribe and the first week in April you will receive your box. I can’t tell you what is in the box because it’s a surprise, it’s like a fun surprise gift to yourself, but I will tell you the focus of the box. The April box is all about how to prioritize your time so you fill your life with things that bring you JOY not keep you busy.

I want to offer you 10% off your subscription, regular price is $42.99 bi-monthly but if you use this discount code JOYBOXFRIENDS you will receive 10% off your entire subscription, so not just your first box but every box! Don’t wait our subscription is only available till Saturday, March 18th or till we sell out. And of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time but we hope every box brings you joy and helps you keep growing, that you don’t want to cancel!

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