10 Summer Must Haves

10 Summer Must Haves

10 Summer Must Haves 

Okay it’s almost Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. I thought I would share with you some summer essentials. Some of these items are great for the pool, beach, hiking, or anything outdoors! 

Microfiber beach towel

These towels not only dry fast, but at the beach sand, doesn’t stick to them, but my favorite thing about them is they take up much less space than a regular beach towels. They are thin not bulky. They fold up great in pool bags, beach bags and luggage. 

Sun hat with hole in the top

I don’t know about you, but I like my hair up when I am at the pool or beach and normal sun hats just don’t work with a ponytail, so I highly recommend one that Velcro’s in the back and is open on top!

Large Aluminum Water Bottle

Water, water, and more water. These bottles are great, the ice does not melt all day, the water stays cold. They actually float in water. They come in a variety of sizes; I prefer the 40oz.

Aqua 4 in 1 Monterey Pool Float

This is the biggest must have! This pool float not only comes with us to the pool but also on every vacation we go on. It travels so well, takes up barely any room in your luggage. Every single time we go on vacation people ask us where we got these floats, they are perfect for lounging in the pool. Oh and they are like $12 can't beat it. 

Aluminum Can Koozie

I discovered this koozie last summer, they keep my Zevia cold at the pool. I also bring them to soccer games. 

Backpack Cooler

This is the best way to make good food choices, plan and bring the food with you. These coolers are so convenient because it’s like a backpack, much easier to carry then a regular cooler. 

Mineral Sunscreen

Yes, the one they is very white and a little harder to rub in. It doesn’t have the toxins that most sunscreen has. It is better for your skin and protects you from the sun! 

Mesh Beach Bag

I bought this bag about 8 years ago and it still goes on every vacation with me! It's great for the beach because it doesn't collect the sand. 

Solar Phone Charger

These are fantastic, when you are outdoors and can't charge your phone, these solar chargers are great. Just put in the sun and you can charge your devises. 

A Good Book

Relaxing by the pool, at the beach, camping, a good book always makes the time even better. Check out thejoy-box.com for some book suggestions. 

All of these products can be found at Amazon or other retailers! Please share with your friends and have them sign up for our newsletter and waitlist. thejoy-box.com

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